There are many studies that claim that these types of plants can cause a decrease in the blood sugar levels of both rodents and humans. The best thing about them is that you will not experience any type of side-effects.

Instead of getting insulin shots for your whole life, you can use the following natural remedies to treat the disease:

1. Insulin plant

The Costaceae family of plants are also known as insulin plant thanks to its ability to lower the blood sugar levels naturally. The family contains over 200 plants, and has been brought to South America and Asia about 200 years ago.

The insulin plant can also destroy bacteria and free radicals and is a potent diuretic, which is why you should use it more often.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries can be considered a powerful remedy against diabetes as they have the ability to keep the glucose levels from spiking up after a meal. They can also lower your triglyceride and cholesterol levels and contain a variety of antioxidants which can fight free radicals as well.

The dark color of the plant is due to the presence of phytochemicals which have the ability to accelerate the healing process in the body.

3. Guava

According to studies, guava leaves can prevent the absorption of various types of sugar, which will prevent sugar spikes after a meal. One study discovered that drinking guava leaves tea after eating a bowl of rice can significantly lower the blood sugar levels.

Another study showed that the tea from the leaves can also lower your fasting glucose levels, and some experts suggest that it can also lower our cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This shouldn’t surprise us – in fact, guava leaves have been used as a natural diabetes remedy for quite a long time.

4. Okra

Studies have shown that drinking okra water regularly can reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes and prevent diabetes from developing. Many people who have tried it claim its true, and even experts are recommending okra water as a natural diabetes remedy.

5. Bitter melon

The bitter melon plant can be found in tropical climates and is considered one of the best natural diabetes remedy. It contains numerous compounds which can lower your glucose levels and is a natural substitute to insulin.

You can use the plant in a variety of forms, including tea, capsules or supplement. The capsules have been so effective that the Philippine government is recommending them as an over-the-counter diabetes drug.

6. Mulberry

Mulberry is a powerful plant that can reduce your blood sugar levels by more than 40% after a meal. According to a recent study conducted by the University of Minnesotta, mulberry tea can prevent blood sugar spikes and prevent them from going too low and causing serious problems.