Palmistry is a technique used by fortune tellers to get a glimpse into someone’s personality or future just by the lines on their hands and shape of their hands.

Palmists have noted that one way to really read someone is by observing the size of their pinky. Apparently, the size of your little finger dictates one of three personalities — and ours was weirdly on point.

Take a look at your hand right now, and observe where your pinkie falls in relation to the top line on your ring finger. Does it fall above this line, on it, or below it? Make sure to read the personalities below and see how accurate yours is!

1. Below the Line

If your pinkie falls below the top line of your ring finger, you’re shy and reserved, so you don’t like to be the first one to approach someone.

In relationships, you are very loyal and devoted; your partner gets a lot of loving attention from you. Deep down you have a very sensitive soul.

People are always coming to you to keep secrets because you’re GOOD at it. Oftentimes, people think you’re a little aloof, but you’re usually just trying to protect someone’s feelings.

Once you set your mind on something, you are committed to seeing it all the way through

You’re very afraid of getting hurt. You give the impression that you don’t need anyone, but you secretly dream of finding your soulmate. You always remain calm in the midst of chaos.

2. Above the Line

If your pinkie falls above the top line of your ring finger, this is what it could say about your personality:

You’re not one to hold a grudge, not much makes you upset.

You’re uncomfortable with the unknown; you definitely don’t like surprises.

People would describe you as open-minded, you are very respectful of other’s opinions.

You can be a little bossy and get worked up during arguments, but you are always the first to apologize afterward.

Something that’s difficult for your partner is that you’re very closed down; you don’t like to share your feelings.

You’re a straight-shooter, so you prefer to surround yourself with honest people.

3. On the Line

If your pinkie falls right on the top line of your ring finger, you keep your feelings guarded and you aren’t very open with strangers. However, once you feel connected to someone, you are a deeply emotional person with the ones you trust.

You can be a bit arrogant, but you do NOT suffer fools.

You despise lies, hypocrisy, and dishonesty because it goes against your beliefs. You like to present yourself as more independent and tough than you actually are deep down.

You are known to be a bit eccentric. You have a big heart, and you like to help others.

You are a diligent worker; you’re very driven and will complete any task you’re given.

You’re extremely expressive, which makes it difficult to conceal your feelings.