In this article we’re going to share with you one skin care recipe for a serum that’s completely natural and will hydrate and nourish your skin and give back its natural glow.

Our skin is our largest organ and it’s susceptible to all kinds of environmental damage. That’s why we need to take good care of it if we want to protect it from outside damage and make it look fresh and healthy for as long as we can.

Unfortunately, the commercial skin care products available on the market are not the best thing for our skin. They’re loaded with chemicals and toxins which do more harm than good.

Instead of using these expensive, chemically laden products we need to turn to nature and use its gifts as they are extremely health beneficial.

This serum is super health beneficial and will do wonders for your skin. You will resolve any skin problem you might be having, including acne, blackheads, dark spots and blemishes.

The ingredients are loaded with beneficial properties which will add to your skin’s flexibility and keep it moisturized and hydrated. Make sure you do this procedure every day and in a week you’ll notice the first results.

Here’s how to prepare the remedy:


2 vitamin E capsules

2 tsp. rose water

3 tbsp. Aloe gel

½ tsp. of glycerin

Preparation method:

Take a small bowl and mix the aloe vera gel, rose water and glycerin in it. Open the vitamin E capsules and add the powder to the mixture as well.

Stir to combine and apply the remedy on your face after you’re washed it with water.

Massage the serum in gently and leave it on for an hour to do its magic. Finally rinse your face.