The state of our skin is something that worries too much and stimulates many people, especially women, who insist all the time on keeping it healthy and visibly beautiful.

Although there are several skin creams, when we see that there is Nivea in the store, we will take it without a doubt and it is not for less because it has a lot of benefits that even many do not know.

There are many reasons why cream Nivea blue container is spectacular and today we will discuss each of them.

1. Relieves skin irritation

Rub Nivea on your hands regularly to relieve skin irritation and redness and keep your skin fresh.

2. Treats dermatitis

If you happen to be suffering from dermatitis, the Nivea cream is your best friend. It will relieve inflammation in your skin which is the main cause of the condition and keep your skin hydrated and fresh.

3. Dark and cracked knees and elbows

These body parts are often dehydrated and dark which makes them look pretty unattractive. However, rub a bit of Nivea on them and the problems should be gone soon.

4. Treats blisters and burns

If you’ve burned your hand while cooking and you have a nasty looking blister on it, rub a bit of Nivea cream on the affected area and it should soon go away.

5. Relieves stretch marks

Stretch marks are common for pregnant women or people who lose weight quickly, but can luckily be relieved with a bit of Nivea cream. Rub it on the affected area regularly and your stretch marks should be a thing of the past soon.

6. Treats wrinkles

If you want to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, all you need to do is rub a bit of the cream on them every day.

7. Treats under-eye bags

Under-eye bags are usually caused by sleep deprivation or fatigue, and can be easily relieved with the help of the cream. Rub a bit of Nivea on them before going to bed and you will get rid of them soon.

8. Treats cracked lips

If your lips are dry and cracked, applying a bit of Nivea on them can hydrate them and prevent them from cracking again.

9. Makeup remover

Use the cream to remove makeup from your face before going to bed – it works just as good, if not better than any other product.

10. Hydrates your face

If your face is too dry for whatever reason, you can hydrate it and prevent bigger problems with the help of this incredible cream. Apply it every night before going to bed and your skin will thank you.