Maybe you know that the warm water makes your skin feel looser and opens your pores, while the cold water constricts the skin and closes the pores. That is happening to your digestive tract when you drink cold water.

What happens if you drink cold water?

1. Your body is expending the energy to regulate the temperature, instead of absorbing the nutrients to create energy and instead of working to digest the consumed food. This situation can lead to water loss.

2. When you drink cold beverages, the digestion becomes restricted, the blood vessels shrink and the hydration is hindered.

3. If you drink cold beverages while you eat food or after that, the water temperature solidifies fats from the eaten food and your body in turns finds it difficult to digest the undesired fats from the body.

4. If you drink cold water after a meal, you create excess mucus in the body that can decrease the function of your immune system, making it easier to catch illnesses and colds.

5. Some people think and say that the cold water is beneficial because it can burn more calories. But, we don’t want to make the digestive system to work harder, we should make the things as easy as we can. There are so many other ways if you want to burn calories.

Why is warm water better for you?

1. Stimulates digestive enzymes and enhances digestion

2. Hydrates tissues faster

3. Improves better bowel movement. Try warm lemon water in the morning

4. Your body breaks down food more efficiently

5. Boosts natural detoxification in your body and cleanses blood via kidneys, skin and lymphatic system

6. Once you decide to go for warm water or water at room temperature, you will experience better digestion and your body will feel much lighter after or during meals.