Brain aneurysm actually occurs in the largest artery of the body – known as aorta but it also happens to the brain. The lack of oxygen in the blood supply leads to stroke.

Most of the people are often confused about the difference between the symptoms and causes of a stroke and brain aneurysm.

According to AHA (American Heart Association), there are 7 main causes that cause ruptured brain aneurysm. Today we’re going to show you 7 things that raise the risk of brain aneurysm and how to avoid them.

All these things can significantly raise the risk of an aneurysm and serious endanger your health. Try to avoid them, and you will certainly live a healthier life without the fear of brain aneurysm.

1. Too much coffee – Although it helps us stay awake during the day, too much caffeine can have detrimental effects on our brain health. People with weakened blood vessels are more prone to the dangers of coffee – it can raise their blood pressure and make you tenser, raising the risk of an aneurysm.

Furthermore, too much coffee can cause stress, headaches, nausea, vomiting and even numbness in the limbs.

2. Strenuous workouts – Doing strenuous workouts often can rupture your tense blood vessels and cause aneurysm. If you want to increase your level of workouts, we suggest consulting with specialists first.

3. Sudden surprise – Tense situations and a lot of sudden stress can definitely raise the risk of brain aneurysm. If you’re prone to scares, we’d recommend against watching scary movies all by yourself.

4. Hard blowing of the nose – When you need to blow your nose, we recommend being gentle. A hard blow can raise the pressure in your blood vessels and may even rupture one, leading to aneurysm.

5. Straining too hard when defecating – The risk of an aneurysm also goes up when you’re straining to defecate too hard. In order for everything to go smoothly, we recommend getting some laxatives and adding some fiber in your diet through avocados, apples and pears.

6. Being angry all the time – Anger is a harmful emotion that can increase your blood pressure and the risk of brain aneurysm as well. Find a way to relieve your stress in order to control outbursts and regulate your blood sugar levels as well.

7. Soda drinks – According to one study, consuming sodas frequently can definitely raise your risk of a brain aneurysm. Instead of these drinks, we recommend making your own smoothies at home.