Hormonal imbalance is a growing health concern around the world. Making some lifestyle and dietary changes is the best way of resolving any kind of health problem you may be facing. This also goes for hormonal imbalance – if you want to restore the balance of your hormones, you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and completely change your diet.

The Following Symptoms Show that Your Hormones Are out of Balance:

PMS (mood swings, breast tenderness, intense sadness and irritability)

Painful periods

Menstrual irregularities

Depression or anxiety

Sleep irregularities

Skin breakouts

Spotting before your period

Digestive imbalances

Weight gain

Headaches during your period

Temperature fluctuations

Prolonged or mid-cycle spotting

Here are the top 9 Chinese herbs that can balance your hormones without adverse side-effects:

1. Astralagus root

This powerful herb can treat anemia and improve the production of yang energy in your body. Astralagus root will also reinforce your immune system and improve your energy levels, effectively preventing a variety of infections.

You can add it to broths or soups or use it to prepare tea.

2. Dang Gui

Dang Gui is a powerful ancient Chinese herb that will help you if you’re yin deficient. Dang Gui is full of phytoestrogens which can balance your hormones and can be consumed in the form of tea.

3. Goji berries

Goji berries are full of antioxidants and are great for balancing your hormones. The powerful berries can even improve the quality of your skin. Consume a handful of goji berries every day or drink a cup of Goji tea to restore the balance of your hormones.

4. American ginseng

Although most of us know about the benefits of Chinese ginseng, the American ginseng is much more powerful – it can balance your yin and yang energy production, improve your libido and treat insomnia and various digestive disorders as well. The herb is usually consumed in the form of tea.

5. Longan

The longan fruit is great against insomnia, fatigue and anxiety and will also nourish your blood and relax your mind. In the Chinese cuisine, this tasty fruit is often added to oatmeal or desserts.

6. White peony root

This herb will calm down your liver and resolve any menstrual problems as well. Add it to soup or stews or consume white peony root in the form of tea.

7. Lotus seed

The lotus seed will improve your blood chart and regulate your hormones, while also boosting the function of your reproductive system as well. It can treat anxiety and insomnia, and can be added to any kind of dish or meal.

8. Black sesame seeds

We all know everything about the white sesame seeds, but the black sesame seeds are more beneficial and will resolve numerous hair and digestive problems. Add them on sautéed vegetables or in your cereal for best results.

9. Chinese red dates

These rare dates will improve the flow of your Qi energy and can be found in most Chinese markets. You can add them to your smoothies, soups or stews.