The skin on the face is very sensitive so we need to be very cautious with it. We must pay attention to the creams and lotions we use and clean our face regularly. But here are 10 things that can do more harm than good to your face.

1. Toothpaste – Toothpaste is commonly used for drying out acne. Although it may do the trick, toothpaste also irritates the skin and causes serious skin problems like chemical burns or scars.

2. Vaseline – Vaseline is widely used for skin hydrating and is really beneficial for dry or chapped skin. It also effectively treats bug bites and cuts. However, when it comes to face care, Vaseline should never be an option, especially not when using it for the first time because it leads to breakout of pimples and aggravates the dryness of your skin.

3. Hairspray – There’s common belief that hairspray is beneficial for drying out acne and other skin blemishes. Yet, it also clogs your pores and irritates your skin.

4. Alcohol – Alcohol is a great antiseptic, beneficial for sterilizing wounds and preventing infection, but it should never be used for face care. Applying alcohol on your face can actually dissolve the DNA of your skin cells and lead to skin cell death.

5. Hot water – Hot and steamy shower may be something that most people enjoy, but hot water also softens the natural oils and removes the natural protective barrier that keeps moisture in. This only causes more dryness.

6. Sugar – This is another common DIY method for skin exfoliation, but it actually does more harm than good. The thing is the skin on your face is not as elastic as the skin on your body, meaning it can damage the skin on your face.

7. Body Lotion – Body lotion is designed for body, not face care. This is important because the skin on your body is thicker and more resistant to the substances used in these cosmetic products – body lotions are usually packed with more fragrance, than moisturizing agents.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide – This powerful ingredient is designed for preventing infection caused by minor cuts and burns, but it isn’t a good option for acne treatment. Hydrogen peroxide can also cause inflammation and allergic reactions.

9. Baking soda – There’s common misconception that baking soda is a great skin exfoliant. The baking soda is an alkaline ingredient and destroys the acid mantle of the skin and it removes the moisture and the oil of the skin.

10. Lemon – Lemon abounds in health benefits, but when used topically, it can disrupt the pH balance of your skin, which is why you should never use it on your face.