Sleeping is so much more important for our health than most people think of.

It’s true there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the full range of sleep’s purpose for us, but what we do know is that it plays a major role in how the body repairs day-to-day wear and tear.

During sleep many things happen in our body, the organs are replenished, certain compounds are synthesized and everything necessary so that when we wake up we can better face our daily routine and all our activities.

That is why, for both men and women, sleep fulfills a primordial function, however, there are certain details that are taken into account with respect to each of the biological sexes of the person, that is, there are things that change depending on whether you are male or female.

This is the reason why women should sleep more:

Normally throughout our lives, we have asked that the correct thing is to sleep at least 8 hours a day because it is the amount of time that is recommended so that our body can replace all the lost energy and thus be able to face a new dawn.

Of course, due to their different biological nature, sleeping is a different process for men and women. We all think that we need about 8 hours of sleep overnight, but science has recently proven that women need even more.

Many scientists and experts in neurological studies have determined that for women eight hours of sleep are not enough, because brain activity in the female gender is greater than that of men, and therefore require more rest time.

Here is not talking about who is smarter than who, but, scientifically speaking, women have a greater wear than men and therefore can not settle for eight hours of sleep.

Also, what is known as “restorative sleep2” or “beautifying” is not a myth, sleeping well does help our skin and our face look more preserved and in good condition, which for women is more important than for the men.