People are discovering the wonders this oil can create, and it is again gaining popularity throughout the world. Wondering what coconut oil is good for?

Well, this wonder oil benefits in skin care, hair care, weight loss, treating yeast infections, improving digestion and increasing immunity against a host of infections and diseases.

The coconut oil is much more beneficial than we thought. Read on to find out more about all the ways you can use this oil.

1. Hair Conditioner – Feel free to use this oil as a hair conditioner. The result will be a silky and smooth hair.

2. Body Scrub – Use it as a body scrub. Mix ½ cup of coconut oil with ½ cup of organic raw sugar and add few drops of your favorite essential oil. The result will be a silky and soft skin.

3. Mouthwash – Coconut oil does not only taste good, but it can combat bacteria in the mouth thanks to its antibacterial properties. That is why you may use it as a mouthwash.

4. Eye-Makeup Remover – Apply coconut oil in a cotton pad and remove your makeup. Simple as that.

5. Teeth Whitening – An Ayurvedic treatment which you can use to eliminate tooth stains and bacteria is oil pulling. You use this specific oil for that. Just swish it in the mouth from 5 to 20 minutes. In order to obtain results, you need to do this regularly.

6. Treat Cracked Heels – Use this oil to treat your cracked heels or protect against cracked heels.

7. Lip Balm – Did you know that you can use this oil as lip balm? Well, this oil is a fantastic lip moisturizer which can help to moisturize and soften dry lips.

8. Moisturizer – Rub coconut oil on your skin, and in that way you will moisturize it naturally.

9. Night Cream – After a busy and stressful day, you need to pay attention to your skin. Use coconut oil as night cream to smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

10. Hair Serum – Thanks to its natural proteins this oil can help you moisturize and strengthen your hair.

11. Acne Cream – You may add coconut oil to your blemishes or make a mask out of it. Mix two tbsp. of coconut oil, five tbsps. of Aloe Vera juice, and two tbsps. of raw honey. Apply this mask on your face and let it stay for around 20 minutes. Afterward, just wash your face.

12. Shaving Lotion – Once you are done shaving, use this oil as shaving lotion. The result will be moisturized and soft skin.

13. Sunscreen – This oil is great and healthier alternative to the store-bought sunscreen.

14. Massage Oil – Use this oil as a massage oil. Just mix 30 drops of your favorite essential oil with a quarter cup of coconut oil.

15. Makeup-Brush Cleaner – You should clean your makeup brushes once in a month. All you need to do is mix one part coconut oil and 2 parts antibacterial soap.

16. Under-Eye Cream – You can also use this oil as an under-eye cream.

17. Cellulite Cream – Use the oil instead of the store-bought cellulite cream. Include it more in your usual diet, and by using it externally at the same time, you will double the effect.

18. Varicose Veins – This oil might help lower the appearance of the varicose veins.

19. Itch Relief – A nice layer of this oil can help to soothe rashes, burns, and bites.

20. Anti-Aging Cream – This oil can help lighten the appearance of age spots and combat premature aging. All you need to do is to apply it on your skin every night before bedtime.