It’s benefits are many and you will feel the magic straight away. This is a dynamic Kundalini Yoga exercise that can be practiced on it’s own and is also regularly practiced in sequence with other postures and exercises in specific Kundalini Yoga ‘Kriyas’ (yoga sets).

5 Kundalini Exercises:

#1. Come into a deep squat position, like a ballet plie, with your heels pressed together on the balls of your feet with the toes angled out 45 degrees. Your heels stay pressed together and off the ground throughout the exercise.

#2. Squat with your knees bent as deep as you can go and spread apart, with your buttocks ideally touching the backs of your heels.

#3. Place your fingertips on the ground between the knees, which are spread.

#4. Inhale deeply as you raise your hips up. Keeping the fingertips on the ground, lean into your hands and straighten your legs. Your buttocks should be up, with your nose coming as close to your knees as possible.

#5. Pull your navel right up into your spine. Exhale as you come back down into the squat position – bringing your heels as close to your buttocks as possible, your face facing upward. Repeat until you have done 26-54 Kundalini Yoga Froggies. Then build it up until you can do 108 reps.


1. Builds stamina and endurance

2. Tones and lifts the buttocks

3. Develops long, lean, strong muscles in the legs

4. Draws toxins out from the legs and moves stagnation

5. Assists in elimination

6. Improves circulation to the extremities

7. Lengthens and stimulates the vital life nerve

8. Improves flexibility

9. Builds the VMO muscle (vastus medialis oblique) for healthy knees

10. Clears blockages in the Sacral Chakra ~ the ‘Svadhisthana’

11. Channels the Sexual energy from the lower chakras to the higher chakras

12. Releases stored energy to make you feel great

13. Rejuvenates the brain and eyes

Kundalini Yoga Froggies are awesome to practice if you need to sit at your computer for a long time, before a meditation practice or if you are having trouble sleeping.