One thing is for sure, the benefits of aloe vera are innumerable. Aloe vera is the perfect solution for taking care of our skin, ,but it can also be a good cleansing agent for our digestive system.

A perfect way to preserve and make use of aloe vera is to freeze it. In this way, you will be able to maintain its essential properties for much longer and, in addition, facilitate its use at any time, especially when we need it in everyday first aid.

To extract its glass we recommend cutting one of the larger leaves with great care, trying to remove the leaf from its part closest to the ground.

Then we put it vertically and inclined for 10 or 15 minutes for the sap to drain, once this is done we place it on a surface.

We begin to cut the tip of the blade and the peaks of the sides, continuing to separate the back and front of the blade, separating the viscous and transparent gel, located inside.

With this obtained we put it in a cooler and refrigerate, for when these are frozen they will serve us much.


Just as you have oxygenated water or alcohol at home to cure your wounds and those of your children at any time, these cubes of aloe vera will become essential in your first aid kit.

1. When you suffer any small burn you will only have to pass a cube of aloe through the affected area.

2. If you have very inflamed varicose veins or get home with swollen feet, do not hesitate to use this remedy.

3. If you get a gall or blister on your feet because of the shoes, you will find great relief applying these cubes of aloe vera.

4. Aloe vera is very effective in treating acne. So, to make those annoying pimples disappear or even the scars left by acne, it is enough to make regular use of these aloe cubes.

5. As you know, aloe vera is an essential ingredient when it comes to making many of our rejuvenating homemade masks. Simply leave that cube in the bowl to thaw and then combine it with other ingredients such as avocado or honey.

6. Are you one of those people who usually get up with annoying dark circles or bags under their eyes? Then you will enjoy this effective remedy.

You will only have to remove from the ice bucket one of these squares of frozen aloe to reduce inflammation and reduce the eyecup.

7. You will be interested to know that aloe vera is also used internally. If you usually suffer from occasional constipation do not hesitate to prepare proper infusions with this medicinal plant.