He believes he knows the secrets for long and healthy life as he himself is a living proof. 104-year old Japanese Doctor Shigeaki Hinohara.

He was born in 1911 and so far he had written 150 books including best-seller “Living Long, Living Good”. Furthermore, he is a founder of the “New Elderly Movement” which encourages others to live a long and happy life, a quest in which no role model is better than the doctor himself.

In today’s article, we present to you the best value piece of advice of Dr. Hinohara that will help you as well to achieve happy, healthy and long life.

1. Stay Healthy

He suggests usually staying in form. Which means that you need to stay active all the time as well as eat a nutritious diet also. For breakfast, he’s got a little bit of orange fruit juice, coffee as well as olive oil.

For lunch, this individual eats biscuits and dairy, while for supper, he consumes rice, veggies, and seafood. He additionally suggests consuming 100 gr. of lean twice per week.

2. Science by itself can’t cure anything

Science by itself won’t remedy all illnesses. He states that we should incorporate visible and even generous arts to be able to treat ailments and well-being and health.

3. Don’t trust your doctor

Even though a doctor himself, Dr. Hinohara states that pursuing your own doctor’s tips blindly will not make you healthful, and might even possess the opposite impact.

4. Always prepare

Planning forward will keep your brain wellness in check that helps you prospect a more effective life.

5. Be Influenced

To be able to remain motivated, it is best to seek ideas.

6. Stop stressing so much

Doctor Hinohara states that our life is an unstable chain associated with events, and we must quit worrying regarding things. This can only result in depression and much more problems, therefore ensure to remain positive.

7. Enjoy life to the fullest

Doctor Hinohara surely enjoys life. This individual still functions for about eighteen hours each day, and will serve the community in the most way he is able to.

8. Don’t stop working

Should you be within the good psychological shape, you do not have to stop working. Work as lengthy as possible to be able to lead a cheerful and effective life.

9. Carry your personal things as take the stairways

Taking the stairways rather than the escalator can keep a person in shape and stop a variety of health issues.

10. Pain is really a mysterious factor

Based on the physician, pain is actually mysterious and is treated with easy things, for example, having fun with your pet or even listening to songs.

11. Don’t become crazy about cash

Chasing cash all of your life won’t enable you to get anywhere. In addition, you can’t get your millions wherever you’re moving in the end.

12. Look for a role model

Dr. Hinohara states that you should get a role model in every area of your life to become effective. Whenever they have some type of issue, he requires himself – What might dad have done? This assists him to acquire the solution quickly as well as resolve the issue he’s dealing with.

13. Discuss knowledge

Doctor Hinohara moves around Japan each year and provides more than one hundred lectures to the people around the nation. He makes the target audience stand up rather than sitting down, and always provides his talks while standing, actually in the age of one hundred!