Tonsil stones occur as a result of mucus, bacteria, food particles and dead skin cells accumulation in the tonsil crypts and are usually soft and white or yellowish.

They can go away on their own but sometimes they can cause problems like bad breath, irritated throat, difficulties swallowing and even respiratory problems if they develop too much.

They can happen to anyone but they usually occur after a chronic throat inflammation or can happen to people with larger tonsils and even bad oral hygiene can increase the risk significantly.

After being diagnosed with tonsil stones, people are usually sent to tonsillectomy which is actually surgical removal of the tonsils. This can fix the issue and prevent reoccurrence but it’s not a 100% efficient procedure.

Moreover, removing the tonsils can increase the risk of bacterial and viral infections because you’ve eliminated a part of your immune system which is necessary to prevent these infections.

Surgery isn’t the only way to go about this problem, there are other methods, less invasive ones which can help you remove tonsils stones at your very own home.


Using a long Q-tip you can actually remove the tonsils stones quite safely on your own. Just open your mouth in front of a mirror and push the tonsils with the Q-tip until they’re dislodged. Apply some pressure and the stones should pop right out.

Dental irrigation syringes

You can flush the stones out from your tonsils by pointing the curved tip of the syringe directly at the pockets in the tonsils affected with the stones. These syringes differ from the Q-tips in the following.

The syringes can help you remove the stones that are deeper in the tonsils and that are not visible. Note: keep your head down so that the stones fall out of your mouth. The syringe contains a mixture made of equal parts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and warm water.

Hydrogen peroxide is used because it will alleviate the removal of the stones by creating an environment where bacteria cannot thrive.

Oral irrigator

Similarly to the previous method, you need to point the nozzle towards the tonsils and flush them out. The difference is that this irrigator has a motor so it can be a bit more aggressive. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself by setting the function to the lowest settings.

Oral probiotics

Probiotics can also help you in the removal of tonsil stones. They have a powerful effect against the bad bacteria which causes tonsil stones in the first place. There are many different oral probiotics but the most effective one for this condition is S. salivarius K12.

How to use it?

Well just open up the capsule and mix its content with a glass of lukewarm water. Swish the mixture and make sure you reach the affected area by tilting your head back before you spit it out.