One of the primary reasons for the appearance of brown spots is the excessive exposure to sunlight and its dangerous UV rays. If you are exposed to sun for longer periods of time, the melanin in the body appears more rapidly.

Melanin is the name of the pigment that is responsible for your skin’s dark tan. After a certain period of time, the tan disappears, however the dark brown spots are going to appear on the areas that were exposed to sun the most.

However, you shouldn’t worry about them anymore as in this short article we are going to demonstrate you how you can eliminate them.

And the best part about it is that the preparation of this solution requires solely two ingredients, and is most likely that you already have them in your kitchen.

These two ingredients are fresh onion juice and organic apple cider vinegar that are extremely potent when mixed together.

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to remove the dead skin layers as a result of the alpha hydroxyl contained in it, and the onion juice incorporates potent anti-oxidants that have the ability to minimize the damage triggered by free radicals and it that manner they provide protection for the external layer of the skin.


Begin by cutting the fresh onion into pieces, putting them in a Ziploc bag and pulverizing them.

After that, put the onion in a food processor, add half a cup of ACV and blend them till you get a smooth mixture.

Use the mixture on your age spots with the use of a cotton ball. Do this on a daily basis for a period of two to four weeks.

You need to be patient as the results aren’t going to be visible overnight. Some time is needed, that is, it takes about one week for the initial results to become visible.

Can age spots harm your health?

It isn’t supposed to mean that every single dark spot is going to trigger cancer, however, some of them can be very harmful. The following are some of the crucial things that you need to do:

Look for any unusual borders around the spots

Observe any area that is growing or changing

In case the brown spots turn red or become tender, instantenously consult your physician.

Closely monitor your age areas so that you can find whether their color has altered or have become darker than the others.

The best thing that you can do to be certain and not worry is the ABCDE’s of Melanoma test. This test is going to aid you learn the condition of your spots and how dangerous are they.