There have been some concerns about safety and that Wi-Fi can be damaging to our, and especially to our children’s overall health. Wi-Fi affects negatively many things such as our brains and our sleep quality.

How is Wi-Fi Dangerous?


Many people experience problems falling asleep; they have an irregular pattern of sleep which may be a consequence of the low-frequency modulation from Wi-Fi and mobile phones.

Those who are in an environment with electromagnetic radiation find it harder to fall asleep. And, lack of sleep can seriously damage our health.

Children’s Development

Wi-Fi’s non-thermal radio frequency can interrupt normal biological development, particularly fetal development. In fact, the radiation has an effect on growing tissues in children and young people.

So, they are put at bigger risk of developmental problems because they are more exposed to those effects.


Men’s masculinity has one more threat, and that is Wi-Fi. How? Being exposed to Wi-Fi lowers the sperm motions and causes DNA fragmentation. Also, it may have a negative effect on fertility, and it may heighten the risk of abnormal pregnancy.

Disturbs Brain Function

If you experience memory loss or trouble concentrating, it may be a result of exposure to Wi-Fi frequencies. Wi-Fi lowers the brain activity.

Heart Stress

Electromagnetic frequencies affect many people and cause increased heartbeat. So, Wi-Fi puts you at a higher risk of heart issues.

How to Protect Yourself?

Do not place a Wi-Fi router in your bedroom or kitchen.

Avoid keeping your cell phone in your pocket.

If you want to lower electromagnetic radiation, you should use wired phones.

Pregnant women should not keep the phone close to their stomach.

Keep your phone far from you, at the other end of the room you are in, or on the car seat.

Instead of talking, choose to text.

Parents should not use Wi-Fi baby monitors.

Before you go to bed, disconnect every Wi-Fi device in your home.