This juice successfully prevents diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure and many other serious diseases, including cancer and is more effective than any type of modern medicine.

The useful benefits of raw potatoes are known for centuries, we all still think that we shouldn’t consume raw potatoes. But, actually, it is mistake, because in raw form, potatoes are very healthy and extremely useful food.

A lot of medical experts, including John Lesindzer and Dr. John Tucakov wrote many articles about the healing properties of potato juice. John Lesindzer believes that this juice is the best natural remedy for the treatment of gastritis , one of the most common diseases of modern times.

Lesindzer recommends taking 1 tbs. of homemade potato juice with little water. You should drink this homemade potato juice 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

He also claims that in treating stomach and duodenal problems, you should take ½ deciliter of potato juice on empty stomach. And you should take ½ deciliter 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Dr. Kagamine, a professor of Medicine University of Akita, Japan, has conducted a study in which he managed to isolate the substance of raw potatoes. He found that this substance was effective in suppressing the growth of tumor cells in mice.

The results of his study were published in the IC (International Congress) for the fight against cancer. The Congress which was held in Germany.

Homemade Potato Juice

First, wash the potatoes and remove all the green parts and the seeds from the crust. Then, cut the potato into this slices. Then, wrap them in a cloth fabric and squeeze the juice. Or you can use a juicer as well.

This is very important thing you should remember – You should always drink freshly prepared juice from potatoes. You can mix it with fruit and vegetables of your choice. You can add apples, carrots, lemon juice and some honey.

Benefits of potato juice:

Boosts immunity;

Cleanses the body of toxins;

Treat skin diseases;

Fight cancer;

Helps with gastritis and other stomach problems;

It lowers blood sugar;

Aids in liver and kidney ailments;

Protects against cardiovascular disease.

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