Dopamine is actually neurotransmitter created by our brain that is pushing us to do things. The dopamine is an addiction that you actually would like to have. It is a motivator that makes you keep moving and doing things.

Dopamine is not something you take like a pill because the only thing that can produce it, is the brain.

There are ways you can increase the dopamine in your body so that you can become more productive, motivated and focused.

1. Make sure to increase the tyrosine

Tyrosine is one protein that helps with the production of the dopamine. Also, it is very easy to find food that contains tyrosine: avocados, almonds, beef, banana, chocolate, chicken, coffee, eggs, green tea, watermelon, milk, yogurt.

2. Make a list of all the small tasks you need to do during the day

The brain releases dopamine every time you finish some task no matter if it’s small or big one. That is why it is better to separate your big tasks into few smaller ones and the dopamine hits will keep coming. When you check off all the tasks you have finished you trigger the dopamine production.

3. Always find time to listen to music

When you listen to your favorite music the brain responses with releasing dopamine. Sometimes the anticipation of hearing your favorite music can lead to increasing the dopamine levels.

4. Count every single time you achieve something

It is a way to remind yourself that you are doing well and it will also help you boost the dopamine. Maybe a good way to do this is to get a calendar and check off the boxes each time you do something, no matter how small it is. It will create a streak that will make your brain boost the production of dopamine.

Even when the main goal is still not reached you will know that you are on a good way there and that is all our brain needs to know.

5. Meditation

Sometimes all you need is to take a breath and sort all your thoughts. The dopamine levels get increased when you meditate and reflect on your life.

6. Create things

Probably you have noticed that when you do something creative your brain makes you feel like there isn’t anything that you can’t do. It is a state of flow that is helped by the dopamine. Even some simple hobbies can help boost your dopamine.

7. Exercise

It has been mentioned many times before that exercising decreases the stress levels. Your body actually is craving for physical activity. When you exercise your brain releases dopamine, of course, but also endorphins and serotonin. You can climb stairs or walk your dog if you have one. Anything will do as long as you are active.

8. Always look for new things

The production of dopamine gets activated when we find exciting and new things. Today we have the internet where every day we can find more and more new things.

9. Reduce the levels of lipopolysaccharides

Lipopolysaccharides are also called endotoxins and the name itself says they are a kind of toxins. The thing is, high levels of these toxins can make your immune system drop and also the dopamine production will drop.

You can fight these toxins by eating foods that contain good bacteria. Those foods would be the probiotic foods like yogurt or kefir. Sleeping is also a very important factor. Limit the intake of sugar and fat, which is the way you can decrease the levels of these endotoxins.