In general there is a misbelief that less salt eating is healthy. But if we talk about salt intake, it is better to choose the right salt, rather than removing it from the diet.

For example, refined salt has no vital nutrients and minerals so is not healthy, unlike unrefined salt that is amazing for detox and digestion.

The health benefits of using unrefined salt as part of your dietary plan are presented in the video below, along with the methods of how to use it.

Water is beneficial but alone by itself is not enough for a detox since it moves fast inside and is not metabolized fully.

Salty water can slow down absorption of water, improves digestion and stimulates enzymes and acids for breaking down food.

If you want to give your body enough salt, just put 1/3 unrefined salt in a jar, than add filtered water.

Close this tight, shake and leave it for a full 24 hour day. Add more salt the next day. You can drink the water when the salt stops dissolving.

This is named Sole. Store this in cabinet cupboard in the kitchen.

Next, drink the water every morning instead of having breakfast. Put ½ tsp Sole in 8 oz glass water.

Have this while hungry. It will cleanse you and make space for good digestion and daily hydration.