If You Have These Two Holes On The Back You Are Really Special!

Human beings are interesting, if they do not want to be attractive with their glowing skin and hair, they want to be sexy.

Being sexy is not a matter of acting or saying things in a particular way. But, having these two holes on the back, really does point towards that.

Like beauty, sexiness is relative. Hence, what is sexy for one person may be quite irritating for another. Dimples in cheeks are cute, but to some people they wish they did not have them.

Another type of dimples, which appear on the lower back of human beings and are believed to be sexy are the Venus kind.

The history of Venusian dimples and their meaning goes back to that of the Roman goddess, Venus. The medical professionals coined the term from the art of the goddess to signify their beauty.

Most women have them. However, these depressions are not rare in men as they are said to be in women. In case of men, then these holes are called Apollo holes.

Although they are present in almost everyone, most people would never know the name of these beauty marks, even those who have them.

They are located in a place where two bones connect the pelvis, and can be seen only in people who have this genetic predisposition or appropriate size ligaments.

We cannot choose whether we have them or not, because it is simple the genetics.

They are a sign of good circulation and a healthy body, and great circulation is an important prerequisite for easier to achieve orgasm.

Since Venus holes are located in a place where no muscle, it is impossible to create them with some exercises.

But if you act like you usually reduce the extra fat percentage, you may make them show up more noticeable.

If you have back dimples, it’s best to embrace nature and enjoy these little physical quirks.