We all want to have an attractive and seductive look. Surely it interests you that when they see you in the eyes, the eyelashes are perfect. But women of all ages become very self-conscious when their eyelashes thin or they find lashes falling out.

There are lots of artificial ways to improve your eyelashes with mascara, false eyelashes or eyelashes extensions, but often these things just make your real lashes even weaker.

Like the hair, the eyelashes grow and weaken or fortify according to the treatment you give them. It is essential to have a healthy and balanced diet. You must eat at least five raw vegetables daily. It is also recommended that you consume different types of fruits.

Another very important food that you should incorporate is oats. It is very rich in silicon, which will help you to grow your eyelashes faster and stronger.

It is a very easy to incorporate food: you can consume it with soups, in shakes, or combined with the flours when you cook.

Green Tea

Green tea can be used on your lashes as well. Make some green tea, let it cool and then swipe it over your lashes with some cotton wool. The caffeine and flavonoids, found in green tea will help maintain the growth of existing lashes and stimulate new growth too.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful home remedy that can be used for various purposes. If you want to nourish your eyelashes and make them grow, apply some fresh Aloe Vera gel straight to your lashes before going to bed, using a clean mascara wand, the same way as you apply mascara.

Thanks to vitamins and powerful nutrients, Aloe Vera gel will improve the growth of your eyelashes and make them stronger.



-5 tablespoons of castor oil

-5 tablespoons of almond or coconut oil

Preparation and use mode:

Mix the oils well until a consistent mixture is obtained. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair, eyelashes and eyebrows before going to bed at night.

Put a shower cap on your hair and let the oil work during the night, then rinse with hot water in the morning. Repeat the process every day and you will be surprised by the results in a very short time.