Guardian angels are actually personal messengers of insight, peace, and wisdom. They’re always with you to support as well as help you find the light and the right path.

Although you can spend years trying to learn how to channel messages from angels, guardian angels always protect and watch over you.

9 Signs an Angel Is Watching Over You:

1. A sudden temperature change

In case you feel a sudden rush of warmth, it may be an indicator that your guardian angel is near you. You may also experience a tingling in your neck.

2. Dream appearances

Angels may also appear in your dream with a solution to a particular problem. The next morning, you’ll be sure of what you should do. You’ll also feel more positive.

3. Angelic voices

An angelic voice may be one of the most obvious signs of angels, although it might not present as you expect it. It might present as a nudge or whisper in your head. In case you experience it, you should ask the angel to speak louder. They will hear you as they are angels. However, ensure you don’t confuse the voice for a part of your imagination.

4. Mysteriously appearing odor

People that claim experience with their guardian angels point out that there’s usually a strange odor that they can’t identify.

5. Feeling of a presence

Angels usually make their presence obvious. For instance, it may occur when you’re in a library, asking for help, and all of a sudden the book falls from the shelf in front of you.

6. Differently colored lights

Strange shadows or beams of light may appear in the presence of angels, as they’re sub-material beings. It is not cause for alarm, but an indicator that they are watching over you.

7. White feathers

Even though not everyone notices white feathers, some people that have met with angels noticed white feathers in their vicinity.

8. A change in air pressure

This might not just be a temperature shift. You might also feel the air goes out of a room.

9. A stranger that seems otherworldly

Angels usually appeared as a common stranger in ancient stories. Nowadays, this is still happening.