Without a doubt, nature has every answer that our health needs, since each element has properties that seem to be specially designed for our case.

In this case, we will talk about a special plant, which is often used as a spice to flavor certain foods such as chicken or pasta, it is the laurel.

The laurel is a plant that can be considered common, it is not very difficult to obtain and can be easily purchased in a health food store or even in the market, so it is necessary to know everything we can take advantage of it.

The way to take advantage of each one of the benefits that this plant can provide is simple, you just have to start drinking a tea from these leaves in the following way:

Boil the water and add the 30 grams of laurel (dried leaves).

Cook for a few minutes, then remove from the heat, cover the pot and let it rest until it cools. Finally, you must strain the mixture and serve. If you want you can use a natural sweetener for the taste of the tea to improve.

The bay leaves offer us a good dose of vitamins A, C, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium, and Iron.

The consumption of bay leaves in a tea can help relieve the symptoms of coughs, colds, flu or other respiratory infections. For this, take a cup of tea from bay leaves every day and apply warm compresses on the chest with an infusion of bay leaves.

Laurel Leaves can improve insulin sensitivity and are useful in regulating blood sugar. This makes Laurel a great herb of choice for those who deal with diabetes or simply want a little more help to keep blood sugar under control.

Laurel Leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Use a warm compress with the infusion of bay leaves to cure skin infections.

Laurel Leaves help in digestion, eliminating flatulence and colic. It helps people who have stomach ulcers.

Laurel Leaves are very beneficial to help with the pain of arthritis. For that, rub laurel oil on inflamed joints, and that will help reduce pain.

Bay leaves soothe body pains. When you are very tired I suggest you cook 5 laurel leaves in 1 liter of water and add it to the water in the bathtub, take a bath for about 15 minutes. This relieves muscle aches and rejuvenates the body.