Bladder cancer is not one of the cancers that gets very much press time. It is often overshadowed by the “big” cancers like breast, ovarian, prostate, lung, and skin cancer.

This is most likely because the symptoms of bladder cancer can often be misconstrued for other conditions.

More than 90% of all bladder cancers start in the urothelium, which lines the inside of your bladder, ureters, urethra, and renal pelvis.

It is important for men and women to understand bladder cancer symptoms and how this disease works so we can catch it early, or prevent it all together.

Bladder cancer symptoms are split into two groups: Early and late.

Early symptoms of Bladder Cancer:

1. Blood in the urine (all the time or intermittently)

2. Frequent or often need to urinate

3. Intense or sudden, urgent need to urinate

4. Difficulty urinating

5. Burning sensation or pain while urinating

Late Symptoms of Bladder Cancer:

6. Loss of appetite

7. Weight loss

8. Anemia

9. Fever

10. Change in bowel habits

11. Lump in your pelvis

12. Swelling in your legs, scrotum (for men) or vulva (for women)

13. Pain in the rectum, anus, pelvis, flank (side), above your pubic bone, or in your bones

The difficulty in detecting bladder cancer symptoms is that they can mimic those of other health conditions, and you may not notice them at first.

If you notice even just one of these symptoms, pay attention to others and talk to your doctor right away.