Often, fish bones can get stuck in the consumer’s throat, piercing the throat in a manner that needs to be dealt with immediately.

Since the bone is quite thin, it will not pass along the throat easily, and can cause irritation as well as swelling to the region. This is why immediate attention is necessary in this situation. In this article, we will go over the steps of removing the fish bone when it is stuck in the throat.

1. Salt and Water

When you have been pierced with a slight fish bone, all you have to do is to take a glass of water and add a small amount of salt on it. Consume the mixture with a might so that the fish bone will wash away and be removed on your throat.

2. Banana

It’s a well-known solution to a piercing thorn on your throat. Just simple put a bulky piece of banana to your mouth and let it stay there for a minute or two in order to absorb the saliva of your mouth. Then, swallow it and drink a lot water until the thorn removes to your throat.

3. Wet Bread

One of the best solutions in order to remove the inserted thorn is swallowing wet bread because it becomes sticky. All you have to do is to steep a piece of bread in a milk, water or even oil and directly swallow it. It will eventually remove the thorn from your throat. It is an old way of removing a pierce thorn.

4. Marshmallow

It contains a sticky component and a spongy texture that can actually help in order to get rid of the piercing thorn on your throat. Just take some pieces of marshmallow as long as you can and then chew it and swallow with water. Continue drinking the water until the thorn drag down.

5. Coughing

If the thorn is not actually entirely pierced on your throat, it can be removed by a simple cough. Coughing is another way of removing the unpleasant feeling on the throat. When the fish bones has been pierced on your throat the first thing that you need to put in your mind is to cough because it is a usual reaction of the body.

6. Rice

It can also assist in removing the fish bone stick on your throat. Just take a large serving of quite tender rice and swallow it.

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