If you have ever experienced migraine, you know that it is a debilitating and sometimes incapacitating condition. Migraines/headaches are a way our body signals to us that our body is deficient in certain minerals.

Most of the time, when the body is dehydrated and lacking certain nutrients, migraines may be repeated until we really pay attention to what we are putting into the body.

Dehydration is not about a thirst that can be quenched with just drinking water at that time. Dehydration in this case is how your body has been living with insufficient water for many years, and severely deficient in certain minerals especially magnesium, and presence of toxicities.

The migraine pain can be treated with the help of three minerals, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. The following juice includes them all and is also high in water, so it can effectively detox the body.

Green Juice — recipe


1-inch ginger root

2 cups green grapes

¼ lemon

1 green apple

Bunch spinach leaves

2 green peppers

If you combine this juice with other healthy foods, you can effectively prevent next migraine attacks and headaches.

Also, make sure you stay away from foods which lead to migraines and inflammation, including alcohol, artificial foods, fatty foods, sugar, nuts, sweeteners, chocolate, seeds, flour foods, dairy, and caffeine.