Varicose veins are most commonly found on the legs. The veins and arteries can be particularly distressed in the legs because they are forced to work against gravity to circulate blood back to the heart. Muscles in your lower legs act as a pump for the blood. The muscle contracts to pump the blood in an upward direction towards the heart. Over time, the elastic walls of your veins and arteries can become a workout. They lose elasticity and begin to stretch.

The varicose vein itself is caused by a pooling of blood in your veins. The blood builds up because your veins are struggling to get it back up to the heart. The veins appear blue because they contain deoxygenated blood.

If you suffer from Varicose Veins, try this natural remedy! You will not be disappointed by the results and it won’t break the budget either. The recipe contains Garlic. Garlic is a natural anti-inflammatory and works amazing when treating varicose veins. It stimulates blood flow, breaks down toxins, and helps remove them! Garlic is one of the most praised ingredients for natural cures.

You may ingest garlic on a regular daily basis, and you will still see results. You can also take garlic supplements. If you’re looking for best results in fighting varicose veins, then you can apply garlic topically to the affected area. The recipe consists of garlic, olive oil, and orange juice. All of which have an abundance of natural healing abilities.

Here is the recipe:


Garlic cloves, finely grated

A tablespoon of olive oil

Half a glass of orange juice

Method of Preparation:

You should combine all the ingredients, and leave the mixture to stay aside for 12 hours before use. Apply it on the affected areas with circular motions, until it is absorbed into the skin. Then, wrap the area with a warm towel or bandage, and leave it for 50 minutes.