This is the sad story of a 40-year man who recently lost his eyesight by doing something we all do. Many scientific studies have shown that the light from mobile phones is dangerous for the eyes, but no one knew it could be so devastating.

When we use the mobile phone in dark rooms, the light from the screen shines directly in our eyes, which can later provoke cancer in the eye and loss of vision.

This anonymous man of only 40 years of age visited the doctor when he could not see clearly. The albumen of his eye became red because of serious injuries. He used his mobile phone in a dark room every night before he went to sleep for 30 minutes. This damaged his eye and led to visual shortcomings and signs of eye cancer.

The doctors recognized this as the main problem for the disease, and the man is scheduled for surgery soon. We hope that everything will turn out well, but let this story be a reminder of how dangerous this seemingly innocent habit is.

Mobile phones have been linked to a rare form of eye cancer.A German study suggests that regular use of cellphones could lead to an increased risk of contracting uveal melanoma, in which tumours form in the layer that makes up the iris and base of the retina.

New Department of Health leaflets advise potential phone buyers to consider the SAR rate – the rate at which radiation is absorbed into the body – when making their choice.

Children under 16 should be ‘strongly’ discouraged from using mobiles for non-essential calls and everyone should keep calls as short as possible. We really hope you find this article helpful and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Thank You.