Most people struggle with excess weight. We all know that it is impossible to melt fat overnight, especially if you are sitting and doing absolutely nothing.

One look at your stomach may throw you into a depression, and the thought of putting on the swimsuit or bikini makes you feel unpleasant? Do not despair; most ladies feel the same as you do, be sure you’re not alone.


How to reduce belly fat in a week

You need to eat 3 main meals a day and 5 small snack consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables. Do not be hungry. If you need the need to purchase some salty snacks, it would be best to replace them with healthy snacks. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water to which you’ve squeezed a lemon.

Hot water with lemon helps to more easily and more quickly remove the fat belly. During the day, drink at least eight glasses of water only lukewarm, mild or consume unsweetened herbal tea.

The only answer for lowering belly fat is in the correct combination of aerobic exercise and regulation of the daily diet.

Verified drink for reduce your belly fat

You will need:

– 6 tablespoons cinnamon

– 4 tablespoons honey

– 6 dl of water


Boil water and cool it down a little, then fill it with cinnamon and honey, and mix it well. You need to drink this drink 4 times a day. Cinnamon perfectly cleanses stored and deposited fat from the waist. Before breakfast, drink this potion on an empty stomach.

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