Back pain is a horrible thing to experience, and it sneaks up on you too! So many people live with the back pain until it is far beyond the point of return. Back pain can be fixed.The experts say that you should take a really good care of your feet, because the right methods can help you prevent against back, hip and knee pain.

Acupressure has been a part of the ancient Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years? Well yes, and the experts say that by putting a good amount of pressure on certain points on the body it can help you relieve stress, stimulate the function of different organs and treats some health conditions. It works the same way as acupuncture, but here we use our fingertips instead of needles. Just take a look at the article below and find out more about these effective techniques.

5 Foot exercies to relieve back,hip and knee pain:

1. Toe – Pressing

Before you exercise any part of your body, you need to warm up your toes. By toe pressing you will improve the flow of blood in your feet and in the same time you will relax them. You just have to stand up, bend your knees slightly, grasp the floor with the toes and stay in that position for three seconds. Do this exercise for 10 times, 3 times every day in order to keep your toes young and strong.

2. Toe – Walking

You will strengthen your muscles, ligaments and toes by toe walking as a ballerina for twenty seconds. Standing like that will significantly improve your feet. Do this exercise twice a day, five times with small pause in between. If you notice your balance is not perfect, hold on walls or surfaces but do not worry at all because it will significantly better with practice.

3. Ankle – Circles

This exercise will relieve the knee, hip and ankle pain for a very short period of time. The pain in these areas is triggered by poor body posture. When the upper part of the body is not in the same line with the lower one, the weight bearing is out of balance and there is an irregular pressure on the lower part while walking.

For this exercise, lie down on your back and bend your legs upwards. Stretch one of your legs above your body. Then, rotate your ankle clockwise for 10 seconds and then move it in the opposite direction for another 10 seconds. Do the same exercise with the other ankle. For optimal results, practice this exercise twice a day.

4. Resistance – Band

Those small muscles in your feet are essential for the balance of your body. This exercise will help you walk without pain. For this, you will need one exercise band. First, sit on the floor and straighten out your legs in front of you. Then, wrap one side of the exercise band around a chair or a bedpost and the other side on the top of your feet. While you are in a sitting position, slide back until you feel some tension in the band. Flex your food backwards and hold it for 5 repetitions, release and then repeat the exercise for 10 repetitions.

5. Toe Pencil Pickups

This is a very simple exercise where you have to take a pen or a pencil with your toes and hold it for ten seconds. By doing this exercise, you will improves your toes and it can be easily performed almost everywhere. Practice this exercise 2-3 times a week, 5 times with each foot.

For more information, watch the video below: