In this article, we are discussing several home remedies for nail growth. Every girl wishes for long and strong nails. On average, fingernails grow about 1/10th of an inch every month. But at times they grow even slower. In addition, healthy nail growth shows the condition of your overall health.

Nails are made up of a protein called keratin. You may have noticed that your toe nails grow faster than your hand nails. This happens due several factors like lack of nutrients in the body, hormonal changes, stress or due to use of certain medications.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Nail Growth Fast

1. Olive Oil for Nail Growth Fast

Olive oil is a very essential home remedy for nail growth fast. It also keeps your nails moisturized. Olive oil is great when it comes to nail care. It goes through deep into the nails and skin and thus helps promote your nails. In addition, it consists of vitamin E that helps boost blood circulation and helps fix damaged nails. Thus promoting nail growth and strength. Apply lukewarm olive oil to your cuticle and nails. Massage and rub gently your nails with olive oil using cotton ball for the application. Before going to bed. Put on some gloves on hand overnight. Do this daily for once in a day for better results. Wear cotton gloves overnight. Do this once daily.

2. Tomatoes for Nail Growth Naturally

Tomatoes are rich source of a vitamin called biotin, which aids the growth of nails and makes them strong and shiny. To use tomatoes for your nails, juice out 1 tomato in a bowl, add a few drops of olive oil to the juice and dip your nails in this solution for 10 minutes. Wash the nails and pat dry, apply nail cream or Vaseline. Follow this quick remedy to get desired results.

3. Garlic

Garlic is known for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and it thus protects nails from infections. Although garlic does not promote nail growth, it helps to maintain nails healthy and strong. Cut a garlic clove in two halves and rub the cloves all over your finger nails. Let the garlic juice get absorbed before washing hands. Alternatively make paste of garlic and apply the paste on the nails and leave it for 5 minutes. Follow this remedy once a week to get smooth nails.

4. Coconut Oil for Nail Growth Fast

Coconut oil works great for strong nail growth. It consists of essential nutrients to keep your nails strong and moisturized. It also makes stronger your cuticles, which play a major role in nail growth. In addition, it helps heal hangnails, fungal nails and cuticle infections. Massage your nails and hands with lukewarm extra-virgin coconut oil. Massage gently on your nails in circular motions to enhance blood circulation. Do this process daily before going to bed.

Alternatively, You can also make a nail soak. Mix 1/4th cup of raw coconut oil, honey and a few drops of rosemary essential oil.

Lukewarm the solution. Now, Soak your nails in it for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this remedy for 1-2 times a week to get strong and long nails.

5. Horsetail

According to ancient Greek and Roman herbalists, horsetail is an effective herb for nail growth. Being a source of calcium, silica and other useful minerals, horsetail contributes to the overall health of your nails.

Add 3/4 teaspoon of dried horsetail stems to 2 cups of boiling water.

Cover and allow it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes.

Strain and let it cool.

Soak your nails in this solution for 20 minutes.

Follow this treatment at least four times per week.

You can also drink horsetail tea once daily for healthy nails.