One Italian company reckons they’ve got the perfect solution to burning soles – stick-on shoes. Forget flip flops, NakeFit protects bare feet bottoms from the burn or cut on the beach and even saves from verrucas in the swimming pool.

Nakefit has launched a range of adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of your feet, so you don’t need to wear shoes or flip-flops on holiday.

The creators say the soles are “waterproof, cut-proof, heat-resistant, and slip-proof” so you can wear them in the sea, in the pool or when clambering over rocks.

The company claims that the anti-slip shoes can be easily peeled off and stuck back on for multiple uses.

As well as a protection against heat and cuts, the stick on soles can also be useful in protecting against verrucas and other poolside infections.

A Nakefit spokesperson said: “We invented Nakefit to keep your feet effectively protected and at the same time support all of the amazing things it can already do.” The slim pads come in three colors – black, pink, and light blue, and a pre-order of one pair runs around $33 on Kickstarter.

For more information, watch the video below: