Many studies have suggested that increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables of all kinds has been associated with a lower risk of many health conditions related to lifestyle.

Even though eggplants are not that popular among people, many nutritionists suggest people to consume eggplants on a daily basis since they are a rich source of vitamins, fiber, nasunin and chlorogenic acid.

Also, an increased consumption of eggplants on a daily basis will decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease,it will increase your energy and it will promote healthy skin and hair.

8 Excellent reasons why you need to eat more eggplant:

1. Regular consumption of eggplant can protect you from colon cancer. Due to their fiber content, eggplants protect your digestive tract.

2. Eggplants can lower bad cholesterol but only if they are cooked poperly. Never fry eggplants, instead you should bake them.

3. Also,eggplants are the best solution when it comes to controlling blood pressure and relieving stress since they contain bioflavonoids.

4. Eggplant helps prevent blood clots because of their maximum of vitamin K and bioflavonoids that strengthen the capillaries content.

5. The consumption of eggplants will help you improve your blood circulation and nourish your brain since they contain essential phytonutrients. However, these nutrients are concentrated in the skin of the eggplant, so do not throw it away.

6. Due to the high content of iron, calcium and other minerals present in this vegetable supply the essential nutrients required by the body.

7. Eggplants are great for reducing weight since they are low in calories, with only 35 per cup, they don’t contain fat and are high in fiber which will help you fill full throughout the day.

8. Due to the high content of soluble fiber and low carbohydrate content of eggplants, they have been used for the control and management of diabetes.

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