Regular consumption of ginger will help you improve your immunity, and blood flow; prevent cancer spread, migraines, hemorrhoids, cramps, nausea, high blood sugar, and cholesterol; relieve arthritis (muscle and bone pains), heart issues, coughs, constipations, menstrual cramps, and burps; as well as treat diarrhea, constipation, and bad digestion, among other things.

However, ginger its benefits really depend on the person that’s using it. There are certain cases where ginger might actually worsen your health, instead of improving it.

1. If you are using diabetes of blood pressure pills

Ginger is known to inhibit the effects of diabetes and blood pressure pills. This is particularly the case with insulin-based medicines, beta-blockers and anticoagulants. So, if you are using such medications you shouldn’t consume ginger at all.

2. If you are pregnant

Due to its potency, ginger is known to cause premature pregnancy pains, so if you are pregnant you should stay away from ginger. This is particularly true during your final weeks.

3. If you want to gain weight

Ginger is often used by people who are trying to lose some extra pounds, due to its effect on fat disintegration and its ability to suppress your hunger. That’s why you should not eat ginger if you are planning to put on some pounds.

4. If you are have hemophilia

People that have hemophilia should definitely stay away from ginger, as ginger is commonly used for improving blood flow. The same goes for other blood-related conditions.

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