Harvard neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander confirms that afterlife exists.

Afterlife is something experienced by people who came back to life. One such amazing experience is of the 25 year old Harvard brain neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander. Firstly, Dr. Alexander did not believe in the afterlife of a non-physical spirit. Being a skeptic, he was convinced that afterlife stories of people were product of hallucination and imagination.

However, he fell in a coma for 7 days due to severe bacterial meningitis and during this period he experienced a journey that changed his stand about afterlife forever. After waking up from coma, Dr. Alexander wrote the bestseller “Proof of Heaven” where he confirms that life on earth is merely a test which helps our souls expand and evolve and the way to do this is through love and compassion.

His afterlife experience was extremely real and the life on Earth is solely an artificial dream in comparison.

Love was the fabric of the afterlife and dominated everything, whereas the presence of evil was scarce. Therefore, in order to understand the Universe, you need to know love.Communication was telepathic without the need of words.

When he was asked about what is something that we all need to know about the spiritual realm, he explained that we are more loved and more precious than we can imagine. Moreover, we are never alone since the perfect and unconditional love of God affects each and every one of us.

Furthermore, according to him, love is the basis for everything. Not some kind of abstract type of love, but our every day type of love for our spouse, children, animals… This love is not selfish or jealous, but unconditional and in its purest form. Moreover, this is the sole reality of realities, the glorious truth of truths which lives at the core of all that exists or will ever exist.

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