The girl from Kazakhstan suffered great pain and could not eat or drink. Her parents took her to the hospital and doctors after recording urgently operated.

Out of her stomach removed hair length 17 centimeters, and from her bowel another 35 centimeters hair.

The girl was in the words of the doctor had (Repunzelov syndrome) a rare disorder that can make people eat their own hair.

Rapunzel syndrome is a rare variant in which a trichobezoar extends into the small intestine, potentially causing obstruction.

Human hair is resistant to digestion and peristalsis due to its smooth surface. When hair is ingested, it accumulates between mucosal folds in the stomach. With the aid of peristalsis, the strands of hair can become entwined to form a mesh. Over time, continued ingestion of hair leads to impaction mixed with mucus and food, forming a trichobezoar, which ultimately takes the shape of the stomach.

See video what doctors remove from the stomach…